Backcountry Roads—Idaho

ForeWord Announces 2008 Book of the Year Award Winners: Idaho book wins Bronze in Travel Guide Category

ForeWord magazine is pleased to announce the winners of its 11th annual Book of the Year Awards. At a ceremony on May 29th, 2009 at BookExpo America in Los Angeles, 212 winners in 60 categories were honored. These books, representing the best work from independent publishers in 2008, were selected by a panel of librarian and bookseller judges.

Winners were selected by dozens of ForeWord readers from across the country, who are experts in the subject matter of the books they judged, and who make purchasing decisions daily for their collections or bookstores. Backcountry Roads, Idaho took the Bronze prize in the Travel Guide category. Author, Lynna Howard, and her brother, photographer Leland Howard, earned well-deserved praise for their expert mix of creative nonfiction, facts, maps, GPS coordinates, and exceptional photography. The all-Idaho project was published by Caxton Press of Caldwell, Idaho (800.657.6465,

“I was very happy to be part of this project. I always enjoy seeing what new titles are being published,” said one of this year’s judges, a Maryland librarian.

ForeWord’s founder and publisher, Victoria Sutherland, spoke at the event and presented the awards. “These carefully chosen titles affirm our notion that the best ideas in written form are coming from the independent press community, and that with some distinction, will find a broader audience among the reading public,” she said.

The complete list of winners, searchable by title, author, publisher, and category, is available online at

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Conservation Award

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution announces Lynna and Leland Howard as the recipients of their 100th Anniversary Conservation Award.

February 9, 2009: “The Old Fort Hall Chapter’s recommendation that Lynna and Leland Howard receive the NSDAR Conservation Award has been approved ... “


    In 1908, President Theodore Roosevelt held a Conference of Governors at the White House for the sole purpose of discussing the nation's natural resources. This was a first.

    In step with that emerging spirit of conservation, the DAR created its Conservation Committee in 1909 – So, this is our Conservation Committee's centennial year. For 100 years DAR has recognized that we are the guardians of the world around us – Our waters, soils, forests and wildlife need our support. And, we accept that it is our duty to practice sound conservation principles in our everyday lives.

Leland’s photographic skills are incredible – it’s easy to believe one can simply step into his exquisite panoramas – personally, I feel that I fall into his landscapes and become engulfed in a pristine fantasy – but these are real places! Leland’s images put a knowledge of these remote, natural, national treasures within our grasp.

Lynna is a poet. Sure, her descriptions yield all the details a traveler needs at hand to access, appreciate and preserve secluded destinations – but there’s more! Her beautiful, well-crafted narratives fill the reader with the scents and sounds and her soul-felt impressions – giving a valid “sense of place” that is equally spiritual and sensual.

Separately and together, Leland and Lynna’s works are inspirational – they make us aware of our precious natural heritage – and “awareness” is the seed of motivation and a first cry for advocacy. Whether the reader is an avid back country trekker or an armchair tourist, the Howards provide everyone with a  keen view of an American West that deserves stewardship.

We thank them for sharing their knowledge and visions of the “best of the natural, American West” – and only ask that they keep it up! - Marla Trible, Old Fort Hall Chapter, DAR

National Outdoor Book Award

NOBA announces Lynna Howard as the recipient of a year 2000 National Outdoor Book Award in the Adventure Guidebook Category.

March 2, 2001: Lynna Howard, author of Montana and Idaho’s Continental Divide Trail, published by Westcliffe Publishers, is presented with an Honorable Mention Award for outstanding writing in the Outdoor Field.

Leland Howard’s camera (one of many, his favorite) is pictured on the left. Lynna Howard took the photo in the foothills of Idaho’s Lemhi Range. The large-format negatives are ideal for preserving the nuances and details in a fine-art, landscape image. The bellows camera serves Leland well when flexibility is needed for depth-of-field. Large -format negatives also provide a great original for later development into fine-art prints. See

Idaho Conference on Recreation and Tourism:

Take Pride in Idaho Awards 2010

May 6, 2010 •  Boise, Idaho

Author Lynna Howard and photographer Leland Howard received the Idaho Media Award. Governor Brad Little presented the award, after an introduction by Ron Gardner. May 6th was the third and final day of the Conference. After the award ceremony, the Howards autographed copies of their newest book Backcountr
y Roads—Idaho.

Author, Lynna Howard, and photographer, Lee Howard, combined their talents to create the book Backcountry Roads—Idaho. Their multi-media presentation Art Meets Adventure™ is a live show that complements the book, bringing Lee’s stunning images and Lynna’s vivid narration to audiences all over the West.

Lynna’s website, inspires visitors. As one reviewer from the United Kingdom wrote, “I feel as though part of me has already been to Idaho—and the rest of me is compelled to follow…”

Lee’s website,, showcases the dramatic variety of Idaho landscapes. He combines technical brilliance with artistic vision in his breath-taking images. The best of these images are incorporated into Art Meets Adventure events, and into books like Backcountry Roads—Idaho.

In a culture where books and readers seem to be disappearing, Lynna and Leland Howard are a notable exception. As publisher Scott Gipson noted, “For a book of this size and price to have sold most of its first printing in a scant four months is unprecedented for us and is a testament to the quality of the work that Lynna and Leland have put together. We believe that Backcountry Roads—Idaho will take its place as one of the most successful projects we’ve produced in our 85 years of publishing in Idaho.”

The synergy of books, multi-media shows, and internet media mirrors the personal synergy of this team. Lynna’s domain is writing, maps, and GPS coordinates; while Lee creates the photographic art. Their superbly crafted work is truly an example of art meeting adventure.