1. BulletTechnical writing and editing for life scientists.

  2. BulletDevelop logos and websites for clients.

  3. BulletDevelop publicity campaigns for print and digital media.

  4. BulletWrite copy for brochures, catalogs, websites and more.

  5. BulletWrite adventure and travel articles for magazines.

  6. BulletAuthor guide books, memoirs, scripts for multimedia presentation, and collections of poetry.

  7. BulletHardrock mining at the PrueHeart Lode.

  8. BulletVolunteer/Educational work for Great Rift Writers.

For a bid, please email details to Lynna Howard at lynna.howard@mac.com; or call me to discuss your project at 208.357.1917.


Articles by Lynna Howard, Published in IDAHO magazine:

April, 2005, "Shelley, Spotlight City" cover feature, with cover photo

July, 2005, "Classic Mack's Inn" cover feature

August, 2005, "Gone Fishin'" a memoir

September, 2005, "Coronados" cover feature, with cover photo

May, 2006, "Hiking the Sawtooths" cover feature, with cover photo

August, 2006, "Leland Howard, Adventure meets art" cover feature, with cover photo

November, 2007, “Driggs, Spotlight City,” cover feature


Lynna Prue Howard

441 Hummingbird Lane • Shelley, ID 83274 • USA

Tel 208-357-1917

email lynna.howard@mac.com


  1. BulletVisit Published Books to see publications in print.

  2. BulletSelf-Employed Writer—July 1995 to Present.

  3. BulletEditorial Partner, Upper Valley Publishing—June, ’09 to present
            Community Living magazine.

  4. BulletPublicist/Webmaster, BioAssay Works—2005 to Present.


  1. BulletWebmaster, One Drop Farm—2007 to Present.


  1. BulletLeland Howard Photography—1991 to Present

        Magazine articles, Writer (15 published articles)



        Write and present scripts for Art Meets Adventure

  1. BulletWebmaster/Publicist, BioFX—1998 to 2005.

  2. BulletPublicist/Webmaster, VayTek, Inc.—1996 to 2005.

  3. BulletMegacards, Inc.—1992 to July, 1995

        Director of Writing Projects (including digital projects, interactive)

        Brochures, Advertising, Product Copy, Packaging Copy, Catalogs

        Computer Network Manager (25 computers)

        On-line PR, Customer Service

  1. BulletMegacards, Inc.—1988 to 1992

        Office Manager/Assistant to President

        Computer Network Manager

        Copy Writer



  1. BulletIowa Theater Company—1986 to 1995

        Lighting Design for local theatrical and dance productions.


Art Meets Adventure™ —multi-media performance

The presentation includes 30-60 images from photographer, Leland Howard, with narration by author, Lynna Howard. The award-winning brother/sister team tailors the presentation to your educational or entertainment needs. Contact Lynna Howard to arrange for a performance, or for more information.

Art Meets Adventure™ is trademarked by Lynna Howard.

Image below of waterfall in Utah’s White Canyon area is ©Leland Howard. Do not reproduce or use in any way without written permission. Thank you.


  1. BulletUniversity of Alaska • B.A. Speech and Drama

  2. BulletMinneapolis, MN Community College • TV Production

  3. BulletMessenger Air in Fairfield, IA • Private Pilot Certificate

  4. BulletGreat Rift Writers

        Monthly writing workshop, founding member, 2002 to Present

  1. BulletWomen Writing the West • Member, 2004 to Present


    Lynna Howard, was born in New Mexico, lived in Idaho for several years, migrated to Alaska as a teenager, to Iowa as an adult, and settled permanently in Idaho in 1995.

    Lynna makes her living as a language artist. During the winter months, she focuses on website development, technical writing and publicity campaigns. In the summer months, she leaves the high-tech world behind to spend most of her time on the trails and rivers of Idaho, Utah, Montana, Nevada and Wyoming. Using her trail name, "PrueHeart the Wanderer," Lynna keeps a travel diary of her adventures. Frequently teamed with her brother, image artist Leland Howard, Lynna creates adventure articles, guidebooks, and memoirs. Her current projects include a collection of poetry that ranges from the mountains of the West to the urban canyons of New York City; and Backcountry Roads—Idaho, a guidebook published in 2008 by Caxton Press of Caldwell, Idaho.

    Lynna is  a member of Women Writing the West, Idaho Trails Council, and Idaho Alpine Club; and a founding member of Great Rift Writers.