Eastern Montana


Brother-sister duo Leland and Lynna Howard celebrate Montana’s prairie region with their new book, Eastern Montana. The book underscores the beauty of this unsung landscape with striking images, poetry, and creative descriptions.


Eastern Montana combines the talents of Leland, an award-winning nature photographer, and Lynna, an accomplished and award-winning writer, and it is the latest of several collaborations.


Proceeds from the book will support Global Health Equity Foundation (GHEF), a non-profit organization that seeks to improve access to healthcare in underserved communities.


Photographs of the mountains, rivers, and prairies that define life on the northern plains make this an armchair road trip worthy of coffee tables in Eastern Montana and beyond.


“This book brings together photographs of an almost hallucinatory richness with contemplative text to show
the unexpected beauty and character of Eastern Montana. As a city dweller, turning these pages brings me a
glimpse of a world that I rarely experience. The people of Eastern Montana are a real presence in this book—a depiction of life both tough and rewarding. Those who know Montana well will enjoy the book as an
affirmation of life there, and those who don't will dream about seeing it for themselves. The book brings attention to the goals of the Global Health Equity Foundation, which is working to bring needed medical services to the people who live in these wild spaces.” — Krystl Hall, New York City

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Lynna is a member of Women Writing the West, the Academy of American Poets, and a founding member of Great Rift Writers.


Other adventure books leave the impression that every mountain range in the West is nostril-flaring, knee-walking gorgeous from stem to stern. Not true. You have to search for the spots that stir your soul. You have to be an explorer. - Lynna Howard

Lynna Howard, a.k.a. "PrueHeart the Wanderer," is an adventure travel writer, poet, publicist, webmaster and technical writer. Photography by Leland Howard.
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